Our Fire Fighting Equipment



RETIRED!!! 1971 International brush truck used basically fighting brush fires and areas that may need four wheel drive. The truck also has ground sweeps that can be driven through field fires.




RETIRED!!! 1985 GMc mini pumper that carries no water. this truck has a 750 gpm front mounted pump and carries 2,000 feet of three-inch hose on a real on the back ot the truck.



1994 Freightliner rescue truck that was purchased to take over for our rescue van. the truck is set up to preform two rescues on either side of the truck through hurst tools and other various rescue tools.



1997 Peirce Dash Pumper that has a top mount pump with a 1,750 gpm flow range. It has a 6 man enclosed cab with a top mounted pump panel and also holds 1,500 gallons of water  with 2,000 feet of five inch-hose.



2003 Pierce Dash Pumper Tanker that has a 2,500 gallon water carrying capacity with a 1,759 gallon per minute pump and a six man enclosed cab.



RETIRED AND REPLACED!!!Our Duce and a half is used tor field fires and forest fires. It is a PA Forestry certified fire trucdk and holds 500 gallons of water. it has a two man enclosed cab and seating for up to 12 people in the bed of the truck. The truck has a pump that is mounted underneither the body and can supply water with anywhere from 1/2 inch to 3 inch hose.





In the 1970s the county gave five Hurst tools out to the five different fire companies. Mt. Bethel happenedto be selected to receive one of them. Since then the members have all been state certified in vehicle rescue training. Also we have purchased other rescue tools from Hurst to help in rescue, including three different size rams, another spreader and cutter, a new gas motor to be used as portable and an electric motor that is mounted in the rescue truck.

When we had an open house for the 1997 Pierce Dash Pumper to replace our 1967 Hahn pumper, we donated the 1967 Hahn truck to our sister company, North Bangor volunteer Fire Company.