Fund raising

The fire company has been self-sufficient through the years with many fund raising functions such as carnivals, card parties and dances. In 1962, a Mother's Day dinner was held serving approximately 65 people attending. In 1977 more than 1,900 were served and the largest ever to be served was 2,100. In the year 1964, bingo was started at that time. Up until approximately 2013 bingo was our larges fund raiser. A steady decline in attendance began in 2013 and in 2016 weekly bingos were closed. In 1986, a sixty-foot by 65-foot addition was started to give more room for larger fund raising events.

Our fire company has been giving tax-free emergency service to the community for over 81 years.
Most of our funding is from, letter drives, dances, gun shows, road drives, hall rentals and regular donations. The members continue to rely heavily on fund raising to improve and update dated equipment used on emergency scenes.  

Some new fundraising events that are currently in the works are:


  • Community carnival
  • Pig Roasts
  • Clam Bakes
  • Band and musical events
  • Monthly Breakfasts
  • Comedy and open mic nights

Any questions or suggestions can be emailed to


To donate

If you would like to donate you may do so by sending a check to "Mt. Bethel Vol. Fire Co." and mailing it to:

P.O. Box 208, Mt. Bethel, Pa.  18343

The donation can be whatever you can afford.