We have recently sent out our 2016 fire department letter drive. Please consider donating either monetarily or through volunteering your time.

As stated in the letter we have put out of service our 1971 International brush truck due to age and safety concerns. This piece served as our first due brush apparatus for a number of wildland fires over a 45 year period. Our plan is to purchase a new truck to replace both the brush truck and our aging mini pumper truck. This piece would serve dual roles and also be used as our Quick Response Unit to assist with medical calls throughout the township. The acquisition would not only increase response times, but also cut costs by combinding two trucks into one.  We need the communities support to help raise the funds for this vital piece of equipment. Thank you for your support.



We are currently looking for new members to join the fire company. If you are interested and age 14 or over and would like to join, please stop in to see us. We are there every Monday for drill night, 7pm until about 9pm, and thursday during bingo, 6pm until about 9:30pm. You can help serve the community and be a part of the Mount Bethel Fire family.


If you cant make it in contact Brendan McDonald 484-226-8361 or at or ask any one of our members that you may know.